Anna Grabarczyk
Owner, optical engineer, optometrist, artistic soul
I have been interested in optics and ocular optics since 2004. It has all started during my studies at Wrocław University of Science and Technology. It was followed by professional experience in optical business. Currently, I am pursuing the biggest challenge in my life. I run my own company and raise two children and a cat. I make sure that you are provided with a wide selection of eyewear. I will assist you not only with the eyesight examination, but also with finding and purchasing the perfect frames.
‘An excellent selection of glasses frames. I am impressed by the competence of the service provider. I can recommend this store to anyone looking for comprehensive service and a wide eyewear collection.’Bartek Walukiewicz
Bartek Walukiewicz
‘This is a great place and a good alternative to chain stores. High quality of customer services, professional advice and a wide range of frames at a good price. Highly recommended!’ Justyna Bielska
Justyna Bielska
‘Politeand professional customer service. You don’t have to worry about bad customer service and that you will be offered a product, which doesn’t suit you. You can easily notice that the optician is a professional who is an expert in her field.’ Adam Pachu
Adam Pachu

Trust me, I am a professional