"Eyeglasses are optical lenses secured by a small piece of art known as frames."

‘Eye examination is a first step on the way to the perfect vision.’

In the optician ‘Na Oko’, the eye exam is conducted according to the standards of the Polish Optometric Association. Who is an optometrist? This is a person who demonstrates knowledge and skills of both an eye doctor and an optician. The optometrist adjusts glasses taking into consideration the technical possibilities and the examination of the visual needs,the refraction and thevisual system of the patient.
The initial phase of the eye test is an interview
interview and then an analysis of the patient’s lifestyle and visual needs. As the next step, we conduct computer eye examination with the measurement of objective refraction and keratometry (a measurement of the corneal curvature).
The next phase is phoropter eye examination
Phoropter determines visual acuity for both distance and near vision in an accurate and quick way. The patient is asked to identify signs and perform visual tests displayed by a projector.

‘Tailor your glasses to yourself instead of tailoring yourself to your glasses.’

Letters, numbers or pictures (for children) of a different size
Red and green test
Differential test used to check the spherical component of the refraction
Clock dial chart
This is a basic test used for astigmatism diagnosis
Cross cylinder dots
This is an accurate test used for astigmatism measurement

First, there is an examination of the right and left eye separately and then an assessment of binocular vision of close and distant objects.

What vision can you expect in the new glasses?
In order to check this, you will wear optical trial frames. This is a final step to verify the choice of lenses.

‘Professional eye exam and good communication with a patient guarantees successful glasses choice’